Wether you are a label, a band or a solo artist, we all wish to achieve the best high standard audio quality. nutrakk found out that the processes of recording, editing, mixing and mastering will become essential steps when it comes down to maximizing the value of your musical abilities.

Recording Process

nutrakk offer my services for the recording and post-production processes at different music studios located in Lyon, France.

Audio mixing

Summing signals together, preamplification, compression, equalization, reverb and delay have dramatic impacts on how music affects the listeners. No matter what your own style is, nutrakk will bring a sonic color in your music.


The work on dynamics, sound power, coloration and spatialization of sound are what a mastering requires. Through dialogue and attentive listening, nutrakk will best meet your requests. Please feel free to engage a discussion about your project with me.

For achieving the highest quality possible, a stem-mastering is recommended because of its considerable flexibility. nutrakk will also aim to optimize sound quality by correcting any possible flaws.